May 17, 2005

Europhobia: Religious and political hatred

Nosemonkey is annoyed about the Religious hatred bill.
By showing absolute contempt for religion in using it as a convenient veil for more suspect motives, is the government again in breach of the proposed bill? And what the pissing hell right does Tony fucking Blair have to dictate to anyone about religion in the first place? The smug little God-botherer. He was the one who incited me to religious hatred through his holier-than-though insistence that everything he does is alright because he "believed it to be the right thing to do". This belief stems from his Christian faith, so I hold his faith in contempt.

So whilst it is still legal a little pop quiz.
One of the following is condoned in the Bible, the rest are explicitly rejected, guess which one:
a. Eating shellfish on Fridays
b. Sex Slavery
c. Praying to a statue of Jesus
d. Coitus Interuptus, (favoured birth control technique of the Catholic Church)
e. Wearing mixed fabric shirts, e.g. poly-cotton
The answer is in the comments.


Blogger chris said...

The answer is:
b. sex slavery

1:02 pm  

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